Open image in Camera Raw via plugin?


I’m developing a plugin for photoshop where a user can download an image from an online archive, edit it and then upload it. Many of our users mainly edit their images using Camera Raw, and wishes that all images were automatically opened there, like you can add a setting for doing in PS when opening a file on your local computer.

I have not figured out a way to open the image in camera raw using the plugin. Is it even possible? Preferably I’d like to open multiple files at once. All the files are stored in a temporary folder, and should not be saved permanently to the user’s computer.


The ability to script Camera RAW is very limited. You can invoke the filter interface (use standard listening to get the appropriate code and adapt as needed). I’d love to see full support to get and set ACR settings and RAW Smart Object values, it would be helpful for many uses.

@Marta–Are you talking about the Camera Raw Filter or Camera Raw? They have a similar interface, but aren’t the same thing. If you open a RAW file with Photoshop, it should open into Camera Raw for processing automatically. If you open a .tif, .jpg, .png, .psd, etc, it should open in Photoshop and you can then invoke the Camera Raw Filter for processing. I’m pretty sure Alchemist could give you the batchPlay code to do that.