`UXP` app open ACR

I want to open images in Camera raw app.
I did not find any option in the photoshop.open function.
So I tried this with batch play

const descriptors = [
        _obj: 'open',
        dontRecord: false,
        forceNotify: true,
        null: {
          _path: fileToken,
          _kind: 'local',
        as: {
          _obj: 'Adobe Camera Raw',
        _isCommand: true,
        _options: { dialogOptions: 'dontDisplay' },
const options = {
  synchronousExecution: false,
await app.batchPlay(descriptors, options);

I tried to follow the descriptor of opening new image. But this code just open the image in default photoshop window

Is there an option that can be added to the command so it opens in ACR???

Thanks in advance