perform.MenuCommand for undo and redo does NOT work on Apple computers, but works on Windows

The following is the menu command for Edit > Undo

require('photoshop').core.performMenuCommand({commandID: 101, kcanDispatchWhileModal: true, _isCommand: false});

And Edit > Redo is:

require('photoshop').core.performMenuCommand({commandID: 132, kcanDispatchWhileModal: true, _isCommand: false});

Both work fine on Windows, but not on Mac, and using them on Mac inactivates the Command+Z keyboard shortcut for Undo. I’ve been told the inactivation of Command+Z is not universal on all Mac computers, but it’s reported on more than one and I can replicate it.

Seems strange these commands work on Windows computers and not Macs.

Not sure if anyone has any thoughts about this, but thought I’d post the observation.

I don’t have a fix for your question… but do you have a link to documentation for perform.MenuCommand? I must have missed something in the docs. This is the first I have heard of that and I am really interested in this.

Is that on the “” somewhere? All of the UXP pages from there are now giving me 404 errors again.

I learned about it on this forum. It’s mentioned in several posts.

I can’t replicate this on my machine. It’s an Apple silicon mac running 11.6 Big Sur w/ Ps 22.5.1.

I’m just running this from the debug console, so it may be heavily situation dependent, so more information as to what the state of the environment is before you try the command might be useful.

It’s a MacBook Air (Intel-based) running Catalina.

It might be the older OS. I have received reports from other Mac users that they can’t replicate this but also from others that can. I’ll try upgrading my OS and see what happens.

I have just tried this on my iMac running Monterey and it seems to work ok with Photoshop 23 API 1