Photoshop Developer Meetup

Don´t miss the Photoshop Developer Meetup next week. John Metzger (Principal Product Manager), Barkin Aygun (Sr Computer Scientist) and Kerri Shotts (Principial Product Manager Extensibility) will talk about roadmap and new features for developers coming within the next months: Quarterly Photoshop Developer Meetup Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite


DOM API :+1:

I have suggestions:

  • suspend history
  • “no history step flag” for batch play
  • foundation of channel classes
  • foundation of path classes
  • foundation of history classes
  • consider additional possibility to return descriptor(s) instead of playing action itself so we can make high performant code

Why this instead of 100% layers coverage first?
Because listing channels and paths properly is very complicated. But extending its prototypes is relatively easy same as for layers.