Single history state for multiple batchPlay commands?

I realize it is possible to group multiple descriptors into 1 batchPlay command and have it as 1 history state.

However, is it possible to consolidate multiple batchPlay commands into a single history state? It isn’t always possible to run everything in a single batchPlay. You may need to run one batchPlay with several descriptors, then do some other javascript, then run another batchPlay with more descriptors.

With extendscript, you can use suspendHistory and consolidate everything into 1 history state. I’m thinking it can’t be done in UXP but thought I would ask in case there is something I don’t know about.

If it isn’t possible then this is a future feature request :slight_smile:

This feature doesn’t exist yet unfortunately, but the Adobe team is aware of it and said that it will come. Nobody knows when though :man_shrugging:

Can’t wait for this either