Photoshop plugin panel icons: Size 23 versus 48 in manifest Version 5

The code below is copied from the Example Manifest on this documentation page.

            "preferredFloatingSize": {"width": 230, "height": 300},
            "icons": [
    "icons": [
        { "width": 23, "height": 23, "path": "icons/icon_D.png", "scale": [ 1, 2 ], "theme": [ "dark", "darkest" ], "species": [ "generic" ] },
        { "width": 23, "height": 23, "path": "icons/icon_N.png", "scale": [ 1, 2 ], "theme": [ "lightest", "light" ], "species": [ "generic" ] }
    "requiredPermissions": {

It shows that the docking icons for the panel (the top set) are the same dimension (23) as the bottom set, which are for the Ps Plugins panel.

In the Version 4 manifest, the bottom set, the ones for the Ps Plugins panel, were sized to 48 and not 23.

So, first question: In the Version 5 manifest, is it correct that both sets are supposed to be 23?

In looking at my Plugins panel in the latest version of Ps, the icons are indeed smaller now, though they measure out to be 24x24, and not 23x23. However, it’s the 48x48 icon that’s in the panels root folder that have been scaled smaller to make the 24x24 Plugins panel icon.

So, this leads to the next question: If “23” is the correct height and width for the Ps Plugins panel icons in the V5 manifest, should our actual icons in the panels root folder be 23-pixels by 23-pixels or should they still be 48-pixels x 48-pixels (which currently seem to be working just fine in Photoshop’s Plugins panel).

Also, as I started working with the code for the Example Manifest, I needed to delete several trailing commas in order to get it to work. Not sure if other people are experiencing this, but it might be nice to have them removed from the Example Manifest if this problem is universal.

If I were you, I’d open an issue in the doc page pointing to this forum thread :slight_smile:

@DavideBarranca – Done!