Photoshop React UXP Typescript starter

Hi everyone,

I know that this thread is already mentioned before but I was wondering is there any official Photoshop UXP React Typescript starter kit that supports the “spectrum web components” out of the box?

So I actually plan to use the etc. inside the functional components without any warnings like:
Property 'sp-button' does not exist on type 'JSX.IntrinsicElements'
I know that there are these repositories:

The second is the official one but it lacks the support for the spectrum web components when I tried to use them out of the box.
I started with the setup created by @DavideBarranca (I got it from his book) and I added some more packages like “ts-loader”, and “typescript” as dev dependencies and I also added them into the webpack config file so everything builds. I guess I am missing the types for the spectrum web components.

You can get rid of the warning by extending the JSX namespace:

declare global {
  namespace JSX {
    interface IntrinsicElements {
      'sp-dropdown': any;
      'sp-textfield': any;
      'sp-menu': any;
      'sp-menu-item': any;
      'sp-slider': any;
      'sp-label': any;
      'sp-picker': any;
      'sp-popover': any;
      'sp-action-button': any;
      'sp-overlay': any;
      'sp-icon': any;
      // ...

Yep. That was it :slight_smile: added the typings inside the .d.ts files. Thanks @simonhenke

Just to be clear, UXP does not support Spectrum Web Components per se. Although there are similarities, but UXP supports only Spectrum UXP (check Typography and UI), which in quite a bit of cases has significant differences, even for seemingly the same components. And, IMO, this Design UI documentation is completely useless and misleading

Yes. I am aware of that. I’m reading a book from Davide Barranca and I’m going by that book, step by step :slight_smile: and he also mentioned this and left the links for the documentation to avoid confusion. There is a lot of similar content for “almost” the same thing. Thanks, @Karmalakas for pointing this out.