Please add the 'bounds' property to Scene Node, which is equal to the x and y coordinates from UI

I noticed that API does not allow you to get the correct scene location that the user sees in his interface in many cases, for example, when scene included in a group, in a components, in a boolean groups and etc. Moreover, in this cases the boundsInParent property return wrong location with strange offsets. For example, if you create one rectangle at 100,100 and the second at 50, 200, group them and move this group at 100, 100, then boundsInParent will still return old location but in fact first rectangle is located at 150,200 and the second at 100, 300, this offset depends on the location of the shapes before moving, in boolean group case this offset depends on the global bounds of the shapes… To get the actual location of the scenes you need to calculate the different offsets. It’s really hard to work with it, and that’s not considering the rotations with wich everything becomes even more difficult . Please, add some property that will always return the location specified by the user, I think it will help in many cases, for example during the export.

We’ve had other making similar claims. @peterflynn could you take a look at this one and explain how to use the bounds correctly?