Plugin for Legal Docs

I want to build a plugin for legal docs. My plugin will make contract negotiations easy for parties. I want it to be available as a plugin or an app in the Adobe PDF world.
How do I go about doing it.

Hi Satty,

You can start learning about plugin development here,

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Hi Velara,
I want to make sure I’m plugins are the right choice for my usecase.

Hi @satty,

Welcome to the community :wave::slightly_smiling_face:.

Based on how I understand your question, I believe a plugin for Adobe XD might not be the correct choice (as your goal seems to be some integration into PDF document creation, which, while supported by XD, isn’t really what it’s built for).

Overall, I’d be more than happy to help determine whether a plugin for Adobe XD might be the right choice for you, but I’ll need some more details.

What will the plugin do? (not in the sense of what will it help the user accomplish, but how)

What does already exist for it (is there a platform the plugin should connect to, …)?

This, frankly, could mean a lot of things (it’s probably a great phrase to sell your plugin, but it just doesn’t describe what it, technically, should do). Some of these things could get accomplished using a plugin for Adobe XD. Some of it might even be a great case for an XD plugin (e.g., if a designer could log into some contract negotiations page right from XD to send a client a proposal). But without further details, there’s just no way for us to know what you’d like to build and thus, help to determine whether an XD plugin might be the right choice for you.

Thank you very much in advance for any details you might be able to provide :wink: