Plugin Showcase

Hey all! Bit of a show and tell!

After a couple of huge months, I’ve finally launched my new Photoshop Plugin site, Vexus

I just wanted to give a massive shout-out to all the members here and the supportive community, you’ve all been a great help from a technical point of view.

My first plugin DuoTone is available to download for free so would love for you all to try it out - have a browse around the site while you’re at it and suggest any feedback!

Any questions, please ask away!


Beautiful presentation!
Is it a custom build or did you use any e-commerce platform (with a page builder)?

I’ve been using Selz but their services shut down a few days ago, so I have to move the whole site.

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I’d bet it’s Shopify. At least checkout page looks like it

You’re right, just checked the dev tools. Still wondering if it’s a theme, built using the page builder or a fully custom built page. I’m having a hard time getting decent results with the page builder.
But all other options I’ve tested (Squarespace, Podia) are so limited in customizability that you can barely even get close to the desired outcome.

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@simonhenke @Karmalakas Thanks guys!

Yes, it’s Shopify! This is my first time using Shopify and really wanted to give it a go. My background is with custom WordPress design/development so was keen to try Shopify this time and this was a great excuse to jump into learning a new platform.

I have to say, I’m really impressed with it. The backend tools are really amazing. The highlight for me is the Email marketing system and custom email template builder. Really cool stuff.

So I spent a few weeks just playing with the system, and downloaded and installed a free theme “Dawn” and just played around with customisation. The theme editor in Shopify is fairly good so I just used that.

I then designed a custom site in Sketch, loosely based around the layout options from that free theme, but quickly broke out of that design guidelines to make my own.


I then started heavily customising the section layout options, CSS and liquid templates to match the design and functionality I wanted.

So it’s VERY heavily customised now compared to the free theme it started out as above.
Given it’s my first time with Shopify, that process worked really well.

I’d recommend finding a free (or paid if you like) theme that’s close to what you are after, then customising the layouts/CSS to suit your needs.

I also used this to allow for digital downloads in Shopify it’s very old and not ideal, but after some CSS customisation, it does what it needs to. There are paid apps you can also add that I’m sure are 100 times better but given it’s a new project I didn’t want to sign up for more subscriptions till the brand is established.

Sorry for the brain dump, but feel’s like I’ve learnt a lot on the promotion/Shopify side of things lately so I hope this information helps others!

Might be worthwhile starting a “marketing / promotions” topic - to help other users as they start releasing their add-ons online + share ideas.