PramUkesh Here

Hi Guys, PramUkesh here
Due to my study timings i had to take leave for Software development and should have to keep focus on my study subject(Accounts, Tax and Commerce, i was Chartered Accountant Student) which is entirely different from Software programming for next 3 months i had to take leave for this to keep studying because CA course in India is toughest course compared to any others, so until then goodbye, i will keep following you guys in mean time,
After my exams are completed i will rewrite some old plugins and in my main TODO there is a preview plugin for windows android , also may be for ios(because i dont have Apple developer Account), this bridges gap for windows users to preview their plugin in realtime, which is already in wip, but no time to complete because i solely develop some android apps and ios apps myself besides this work

i may post some work to github when i was free

Plugin also able to produce native code for mobile app development but it is a pro feature to support my work


TODO Also contains wip version control system if visual versioning is still under development before middle of may month or so i will continue its development and release that plugin also it has same functionality as visual versioning system, i think visual versioning is ready to be released because cloud doucuments works similar to that

also one point regarding preview plugin which mentioned in first post is, it works both offline and online so it doesn’t require internet to work unlike cloud documents


Good luck on your exams, PramUkesh!

Between accounting and software you sound super employable! (Disclaimer: I don’t know about the job market in India, but in the U.S. you would be.)


Bhai, best of luck for your exam. I am an B.E. and can understand how tough is the CA exam here in India. Concentrate well and may your hardships be fruitful.

जय हिन्द!