Prevent Progress Dialog When Using ExecuteAsModal

Is there a way to prevent the Progress Bar from showing when using ExecuteAsModal

I don’t think so. As per docs:

If the modal state lasts a significant amount of time (currently more than two seconds), then a progress bar is shown

I’m pretty sure though that the progress bar only shows up if you have multiple BatchPlay calls that accumulate to > 2 seconds. I usually wrap everything in one call (as it was faster last time I checked) and I’m never seeing a progress bar.

@simonhenke , My BatchPlay opens a Levels Dialog as a Modal, I only see the Progress Bar when I start to adjust the levels slider.

Is this how it is designed because I am showing the Levels as a Modal, if so I guess I would always see the Pprogress Bar

I believe it was mentioned somewhere here it pops up even on a single BP if it takes too long. I guess it should be a lot of state changing descriptors to test that out :slight_smile:

Here my BatchPlay call took roughly 6 seconds and the progress bar didn’t show. Maybe they changed the behavior since then. Might test another day…

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I have very same issue with progress bar when I’m trying to adjust something within a dialog in batchplay.

Did anyone found a solution?


I also encountered the same issue when calling crop with dialogOptions: "display". As soon as the I start do transform the crop box the (unwanted) progressbar pops up. I think this is a bug.
Saw this bug report from @gregbenz. So I hope they are working on it soon.

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Let’s hope for that as it’s really annoying.