Prevent Progress Dialog When Using ExecuteAsModal

Is there a way to prevent the Progress Bar from showing when using ExecuteAsModal

I don’t think so. As per docs:

If the modal state lasts a significant amount of time (currently more than two seconds), then a progress bar is shown

I’m pretty sure though that the progress bar only shows up if you have multiple BatchPlay calls that accumulate to > 2 seconds. I usually wrap everything in one call (as it was faster last time I checked) and I’m never seeing a progress bar.

@simonhenke , My BatchPlay opens a Levels Dialog as a Modal, I only see the Progress Bar when I start to adjust the levels slider.

Is this how it is designed because I am showing the Levels as a Modal, if so I guess I would always see the Pprogress Bar

I believe it was mentioned somewhere here it pops up even on a single BP if it takes too long. I guess it should be a lot of state changing descriptors to test that out :slight_smile:

Here my BatchPlay call took roughly 6 seconds and the progress bar didn’t show. Maybe they changed the behavior since then. Might test another day…

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I have very same issue with progress bar when I’m trying to adjust something within a dialog in batchplay.

Did anyone found a solution?


I also encountered the same issue when calling crop with dialogOptions: "display". As soon as the I start do transform the crop box the (unwanted) progressbar pops up. I think this is a bug.
Saw this bug report from @gregbenz. So I hope they are working on it soon.

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Let’s hope for that as it’s really annoying.

Problem seems to be resolved in todays Prerelease version (23.2.0 20220120.m.1632).

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Good to hear. Still have it in 23.1.1

I’d still like to see an option to do away with the progress bar entirely. An indeterminate progress bar isn’t any better than the spinner cursor, IMO, and in many cases that’s more than adequate to tell the user that Photoshop is busy.

And the “Cancel” button doesn’t even work on the indeterminant progress bar, so what’s the point of even having it?

As far as I see the issue persists in the PS version 23.1.1

What is your experience or potential solution?

As mentioned before it is fixed in version 23.2. AFAIK for a prior version with API v2 there is no workaround. I’m still using API v1 for production plugins.

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All clear now, thank you!