Preview Of Material Theme Editor with Non UI Blocking Dialog

I Had previous told that I was working on Material Theme Editor that feature non UI Blocking dialogs and smartshort cuts today i was previewing this plugin here at present its just a ui show of how elements are implemented and how smartshortcuts work.

output.xdx (246.7 KB)

This is just for preview purpose only to view ui of the plugin so don’t blame me without reading this

Shortcuts :
Theme Editor Cmd\Ctrl+Alt+M

Corners UI Cmd\Ctrl+Alt+]

Colors Cmd\Ctrl+Alt+N
Material Colors Cmd\Ctrl+Alt+K

Typography Cmd\Ctrl+Alt+[
FontPrev Cmd\Ctrl+Alt+J

Iconography Cmd\Ctrl+Alt+L

Smartshortcuts Cmd\Ctrl+Shift+P

These shortcuts are also for preview purpose there is a least chance to use that many in final plugin

To check how smartshortcuts work select an Artboard Open Material Colors by using above shortcut
pallets are shown there now select a pallet and click shortcut of smartshortcut i.e Cmd\Ctrl+Shift+P

Font Prev ui shows font prev of texts presently it shows windows fonts if these fonts are on mac same can work after mac fonts are uploaded by @PaoloBiagini i will preview this with mac fonts also.

Screenshots of plugin

Font Prev currently shows only 10 fonts next button is not implemented yet