Do you guys working on non ui blocking dialogs?

if yes i had some suggestions here :

since now we don’t have that i was creating artboards as dialogs that sits next to working artboard
but the problem here is since it doesn’t have events that triggers on components change we have to get edit context two or more times once an option is changed i have save changes and get editcontext form global scope and apply changes

and next one is since ui thing in my case is an artboard it shows elements in layers panel so user may drag or delete some components in ui accidentally

so to speed up non ui blocking dialogs part what i want to say is

i Artboard api set property like

artboard.setAsUiDialog = true

so that components are not shown on layers panel and
this should make the components clickable but not movable things on board

and implements events as fast as possible

with this we can achieve non ui blocking dialogs as fast as possible

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