Purge RAM with Photoshop API

Is there any option to Purge RAM with Photoshop API?

Here I am, processing 1856 PSD files using executeAsModal and claiming 1064 GB of RAM :rofl: :fire: :fire: :fire_engine:

Do you do all images within single executeAsModal? Maybe PS needs some rest time for the garbage collector to kick in?

Hello @Jarda,

Yes, I am processing them all with one executeAsModal.
It’s essentially 53 folders with multiple PSD files inside.
I need to trigger it on the server and leave it running.

If I am going to split it into multiple executeAsModal calls, then I will lose the total reportProgress with the progress bar.

  1. you can set any value you want to into progress bar… if you store counts in the outer loop it should be fine. I would split it one executeAsModal per one file. It takes about 2 seconds for progress bar to show up.

  2. Running PS on sever is often against the license agreement. The thing is only you should control PS and not facilitate access to other people via some API. So others would not use it remotely. At least that was the last time I checked.

Yeah, you are right. After reading your first message, I’ve realized that it should be possible to do it. Thanks.

When I mentioned running it on the server, I meant connecting to the machine with Windows Remote Desktop, launching Photoshop, and then triggering it manually. I’m not using any API :slight_smile: