Receiving data from Chrome extension

Hello everyone!
I’m thinking about implementing a way to receive data from my own Chrome extension which I have complete control over.

I’ve heard about WebSockets and I know I can create my own server on local host but my knowledge is very limited and I think this might be an overkill.

I’m looking for recommendations and suggestions. I know it’s not realistic to ask for a complete solution so I don’t mind pointers and I’ll do the rest.

any help is appreciated, thanks!

Where do you have a server? I had the impression that Chrome Addon nor UXP plugin can make a localhost server yet but they both can be clients.

between my limited English and lack of knowledge about WebSockets I may be misunderstanding.
I assumed that the communication requires a server and a client
so that’s what I searched for and found this answer that claims it is possible to create a server.

however if a client to client communication is possible that’ll do since I just want to send simple data to the plugin.

do you recommend using WebSockets or is there a better solution that I’m not aware of?

is UXP able o read custom URIs?


It is 7 year old topic. There is a difference between Chrome App and Chrome Extension. Chrome Apps were more powerful with more features but these are discontinued. Google Chrome App - Wikipedia.

So we are left with Extensions only and you can have client side there but I don’t think that you can start server there… correct me if I am wrong. Also UXP without hybrid plugin is also Client side only… and this can’t be done without server somewhere.