Register for Office Hours tomorrow!

Join us for Office Hours this Thursday! Whether or not you have joined us for Office Hours before, all Creative Cloud Developers are welcome to attend our monthly session on March 20 at:

  • PDT: 8am-9am (UTC -7)
  • CDT: 10am-11am (UTC -5)
  • EST: 11am-12pm (UTC -4)
  • CET: 5pm-6pm (UTC +1)
  • IST: 8:30pm-9:30pm (UTC +5:30)

Once you register, you’ll be sent a Slido link via email where you can submit your questions and upvote other questions. This would be a great place to discuss questions you may have about all things extending Creative Cloud applications.

The agenda for this meeting is as follows:

  • Go over popular (by upvotes) questions from pre-meeting survey
  • Open floor discussion about developing on our platform
  • Featured Developer: @justin2taylor will talk to us about Bolt UXP

:point_right: Register here.

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Once again I missed it just because the posted wrong time :frowning:
Now it’s 5:06PM CET and event is already over :confused: