Running plugin from outside (external app)

Is there a possibility to run a plugin from outside? e.g command line

I’m trying to integrate Adobe XD with an external application ( and such functionality is crucial for my integration scenario.
I see this kind of integration is done in ProtoPie, but can’t find any documentation of how this was done.

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@Mokus running a plugin from outside is not currently possible, I’ve added the feature request tag to this.

But this type of integration is done in ProtoPie. How did they do that?

ProtoPie doesn’t have a plugin for Adobe XD available, do they? You can import XD files, but is there a plugin (available in the “Discover plugins” panel or as a downloadable .xdx file)?

A quote from :

Do I need to install a plugin for Adobe XD CC?

No, all you need to get started are ProtoPie and the latest version of Adobe XD CC.

I thought they use a plugin for integration. Probably not. Anyways, with plugin or without it. You click import in Protopie, the open document from XD gets imported to ProtoPie. How is this possible? What API do they use? Rendering is obviously happens on the XD side - all the texts from XD are imported as pngs to ProtoPie.

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Under those circumstances, we could probably remove the “Feature request” tag again, since it’s not really about plugin development, but about non-plugin integrations. (To be precise, even “XD Plugin Development” doesn’t really match the question, then :wink:)

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You can add or remove tags as you like. What do you mean by “non-plugin integration”? Is there a “non-plugin” API?

ProtoPie uses a different API which is different from the plugin APIs. These integrations are more like “direct integrations” which need a lot more handholding. Since we have rolled out the plugin APIs, we stopped creating more “direct integrations” like Protopie.

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OK. In this case some possibility to call XD Plugin from outside is needed. Since it’s the only way to implement the same scenario. Thank you, Steve.

I suggest have this feature mandatory for all scriptable Adobe apps.