[Show-off] Custom Panel

Finally, after months of evenings and weekends in between a full-time job, my first React plugin was published. And this was my first React project overall :flushed: With all the help from the community (Jardas Alchemist, Davides book on UXP with React, Simons tips and tricks, lots of other folks I forgot to mention…) Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

So here’s the Custom Panel for Photoshop
You can build your own custom layout using columns, rows & tabs, and add buttons with assigned tools, menu items, action sets, adjustment layers, blend modes and some additional layer actions (more to come)


OMG – that looks amazing. Congrats on your release, and also getting a handle on React – that was a lot to do on your first go w/ React!!! But the results look absolutely amazing.

Well done!!!


I think you took some ideas from my CEP panel Configurator Reloaded?

I found it after I had an idea and it’s main goal is more or less the same, so the answer would be yes :slight_smile: Specifically it would be collapsing of containers and assigning colors to them :slight_smile: Assigning colors to buttons was in my head before I did the research of similar plugins :slight_smile: There aren’t many (basically 2, well… 3 now :slight_smile:) and I didn’t like the restrictions what you can add where, so developed my own :sweat_smile: Primarily for my own use TBH :laughing:

Good job ! Well done

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