Showing free transform bounding box

Is there a way to display a free transform bounding box after selecting a layer? Basically, I want to simulate Ctrl + T keyboard stroke.
I tried to use the actions panel, but nothing shows there until resizing or translating the layer occurs.
Thank you.

Like this?

Did you try checking with Alchemist? I think you can select the tool with BatchPlay directly without the need of a command ID

That was very helpful, thanks a lot.
However, I’m facing another problem now, after the user finishes the free transform on a certain layer, I made a button that when pressed should commit the changes on that layer and then move to the next. I’m facing the problem of programmatically committing the changes, I know it is a simple “Enter” press but I would like to know if it is possible to commit the changes and move to the next layer with a single button press.