Ask about shortcut, full screen mode and free transform in UXP

Hello, I’m a painter using Photoshop to draw pictures, and now I have three requirements would like to implement by UXP to speed up my workflow. But I’ve gone through the API document and can’t find a satisfying solution.

Here is what I’d like to implement by UXP:

  1. Create a shortcut for my plugin function.
  2. Keep the brush or color floating window when I change to full-screen mode. (I mean don’t hide them when I’m in full screen)
  3. Use the script to do free transform. (Transform every anchor position instead of proportional scaling)

Some pictures to illustrate what I’ll do:

Can you give me any suggestions about whether these can be achieved or not?

the first question, could you create a keyboard shortcut.
the second cannot be done seeing the panel with full screen couldn’t be done even with cep panels.

1 - AFAIK not possible (at least yet)
3 - Try checking with Alchemist

Although it is not possible to see any panel in full screen, I would create two Workspaces, one as default and the other with only the color panel and thus create two actions with different shortcuts for each Workspace.

If you have two monitors, you can place your panels on the second monitor and put your first monitor in full screen mode and still see and use the panels on the the second monitor.

I confirm what you say though the user didn’t mention 2 screens, if he had I would have said the same things as you said

Alchemist helps a lot, thank you!

Now the shortcut is unavailable for plugins, and I think the full-screen mode with panels will be helpful for a small laptop screen

thank you, I’ll try that

That would be a great solution but I only have a laptop :joy: