Source Code

Hello, Can Photoshop show users the Source Code of Photoshop with API?

if you mean the actual source code of Photoshop, then no.
the source code of any (non open source) application is private and you have the compiled version of it anyway.

if you mean the actions the app executes then yes. you can enable developer mode, record an action then copy it as JavaScript and use that in your plugin with some tweaks.

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How can I use developer mode? Is there some function in photoshop program?

Please start with the documentation:

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@Toryeonjeangi Enable developer mode is in preferences


Hello, Guys. Do you know where is a Adobe Fresco Javascript?

On Adobes private servers

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Marked as solved :rofl:

I just finished checking two boxes,
“enable developer Mode” and “Enable Generator”.

and I went to Plugins menu but there are no option of “Development”.

Is it because I’m using ‘free photoshop’? Or else, It have no UXP Developer Tool?

By Free you mean illegally cracked?