<sp-body> element no longer synced to other "sp" elements in Photoshop 22.5.0

With the release of Photoshop 22.5.0, the font-family and font-size in <sp-body> elements no longer match that in the <sp-radio> and <sp-checkbox> elements. Aren’t all “sp” elements supposed to be synced in this regard? It can mess up layouts when these things change randomly.

So what’s the plan now? Are other “sp” elements going to changed to match <sp-body> in the future or is <sp-body> going to revert back to matching the other “sp” elements? Or is <sp-body> going to always be an outlier?

Not sure what you mean by “synced” – can you share some screenshots & HTML markup showing how you’re using these?

What I’m asking, I guess, is whether “sp” buttons share the same font-size and font-family by default if they’ve NOT been specified otherwise with CSS styling. Prior to Ps 22.5.0, <sp-body> and <sp-radio> and <sp-checkbox> all had the same font. Now, starting with Ps 22.5.0, the font-size and font-family of <sp-body> no longer matches <sp-radio> and <sp-checkbox>.

Example #1:

<sp-body id="spanPOSITION">Position</sp-body>

Example #2:

<sp-radio-group id="radioType" name="Type">
     <sp-radio id="Embedded" value="Embedded" style="position: absolute; top: 227px; left: 5px;">Embedded</sp-radio>
     <sp-radio id="Linked" value="Linked" style="position: absolute; top: 254px; left: 5px;">Linked</sp-radio>

Example #3

<sp-checkbox id="checkboxFILLEDGES" style="position: relative; top: -5px; left: 2px;">Fill EDGES</sp-checkbox>

On the plugin UI in Ps 22.5.0, the word “Position” in Example #1 no longer matches the font-family and font-size of “Embedded” and “Linked” from Example #2 and “Fill EDGES” in Example #3.

<sp-body> is also taking up more vertical space than in previous versions of Ps. <sp-body></sp-body> used to provide a nice 10-pixel spacer between vertical elements. Now, with Ps 22.5.0, it’s more like an 11-pixel or 12-pixel spacer. All <sp-body> elements are taking up more vertical space whether they’re empty or not. It’s just the <sp-body> elements that seem out of sync with the other “sp” elements starting in Ps 22.5.0.

It looks like it might just be a font-size issue. Setting font-size to “14px” via CSS seems to fix this issue with <sp-body> elements. Wonder if it would be prudent to do this for all “sp” elements?

OK, I think I know what changed. Previous to PS 22.5, it appears that <sp-body size="S"> was the defaut for the <sp-body> element.

Now, with PS 22.5, <sp-body size="M"> is the default for the <sp-body> element.

So it looks like explicitly defining the “size” attribute might be safest.