Sp-checkbox and sp-radio-group are shifted down 5-pixels in Ps 2024 v25.1.0

I’ve already filed a bug with Adobe pre-release about this issue (Bug # PS-118035), but thought I would mention it here to get additional feedback on whether others are experiencing it also. So far I have not received a status update on the bug report.

The problem is that sp-checkbox and sp-radio-group widgets have shifted down 5-pixels in the newest product version of Ps (v25.1.0).

As a demonstration, I used the code below from UI Kitchen Sink to create some sp widgets. I used CSS to add borders around the components to illustrate the issue.


<sp-button id="test">Test</sp-button>


<sp-checkbox  style="border: 1px solid red;">Web component</sp-checkbox>


 <div id="divSLIDER">
    <sp-slider id="slider" min="0" max="100" value="50"  style="border: 1px solid #00ff00;"></sp-slider>


<sp-radio-group selected="first" name="example"  style="border: 1px solid yellow;">
    <sp-radio value="first">Option 1</sp-radio>
    <sp-radio value="second">Option 2</sp-radio>
    <sp-radio value="third">Option 3</sp-radio>
    <sp-radio value="fourth">Option 4</sp-radio>


The result in the UXP panel looks like the image below

The problem is with the checkbox and radio button elements. The sp-slider is fine. It is vertically centered within the green border created around it.

However, the sp-checkbox and sp-radio-group, are NOT vertically centered. They’re shifted down 5-pixels from the center. This started in Ps Beta v25.1 and is also still present in the latest Ps Beta 25.2 (Adobe Photoshop Version: 25.2.0 20231024.m.2374 4ab9439 x64). I don’t have images from a previous version of Photoshop for comparison, but I have definitely have seen the shift downward in my plugins. sp-checkbox and sp-radio-group are the only two components that seem to be affected, but I don’t use all that many, so there may be others.

I’m on Windows 10. I’ve noticed the problem in some other plugins, but not all of them. So, it doesn’t seem to be universal, though I’m not sure if the other panels are using the same components or not.

Hi @AnthonyK

Thanks for sharing the details surrounding this bug. It has been flagged and has been to added to our backlog.


Amanda Huang

Can confirm the issue.
It is in the public 25.1.0 release.

This was indeed a regression and has been addressed in UXP v7.4 which should optimistically be available in Photoshop 25.4.

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Thanks for that information. Will be watching for the update. I see Ps Beta 25.4 doesn’t have it yet, but maybe it doesn’t have UXP 7.4 either.

This issue appears to have been fixed in the latest release of Ps Beta:

Adobe Photoshop Version: 25.5.0 20240113.m.2464 3301ee8 x64

Will be looking forward to having it available in the product release. Thanks for fixing it.