Style guide?

are there any style limitations/style guide for plugins which will be published in marketplace?
At the moment I am using Spectrum components and provided colors for light and dark mode. So it fits perfect in Photoshop UI and already had 10 version submitted in the last weeks without any problems…
But are these Spectrum color schema are also required? Meaning am I allowed to change colors of dialogs completely (background, button colors)? Also what is best practice here/ what is recommended beside the requirements for submission?

I am not sure if there is a page already explaining this already - I had in mind that there was something - but I cannot find it anymore.

Thank you!

I assume it depends on your target audience. I personally prefer more or less matching styles wit the app. Some might prefer bright colors of the panel. I don’t think there are any restrictions (apart from CSS limitations) on how you style your plugin - only recommendations I believe


Also I’m moving this post to the Marketplace category…

No, Spectrum color schema are not required.

As I recall, we did do this design “Best Practices” page for XD plugins:

It may be what you’re thinking of…

Thank you. Yes that was the link I was looking for! Colors does seem to be a problem it is also recommended to use own ones: “Customizing the UI to include brand colors, will help users distinguish your plugin’s interface.”

But there are still limitations here (
“Requirements highlight key XD patterns all plugins need to follow to get approved by Adobe.”

So a modal dialog needs always 40px padding, and dialog buttons at the bottom? That would be terrible :disappointed_relieved:
I have one dialog with less padding and buttons are at top.