Support additional CSS in plugin panel UI (UXP)

A. Non-existing properties:

I would love to see some CSS properties supported in the panel, I actually had some difficulties trying to imitate these through JS.

  1. overflow: overlay (very important)
  2. box-sizing: content-box
  3. transform: rotate()
  4. writing-mode: vertical-rl

B. Absolute position and it’s size:

I had an issue with the sizing of an element with absolute positioning. If the “absolute” element does not have a specific width value, then it does not get any wider than its parent element, which should get as large as its children, this is normal behavior, at least in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

PS — If these are already supported and I’m somehow missing it, please let me know. Thanks.

I’ve renamed the title of this to be a little more specific – that may help others with the same request find this post and upvote it.