Support for window.getComputedStyle

I have seen several posts that need indirectly support for getComputedStyle. I am at the same point but I haven’t found a direct feature request for it. So here it is.
And, what is the information regarding this? Are there any plans to support it?

I hope you don’t mind: I have moved this into the Plugin API Feedback Feature Request section so that other developers can vote for this feature :slightly_smiling_face:

Also: May I ask if you could provide any references, use-cases or other details on why you need this feature?

Use cases help the UXP team determine support for the API.

There are a few plugin authors including myself that have a few use cases and related feature request… although it’s not explicitly for getComputedStyle the issues mentioned would be solved by it.

For my panel I wanted to use popper.js.
Also tried to use Element UI (especially their color picker). Both did not work because of getComputedStyle. After some search here in the forums I saw that other people could use that, too.