Support for minimum version of plugin

Add requirement from XD project that requires that a project have a minimum version of plugin.

Use Case:
Ruwaloa is the educational department that creates XD example projects. When users open his examples in XD he wants to make sure that the user has the minimum plugin version. Some users are reporting the projects aren’t working correctly.

With the new XD release users are shown a pop up that says that the project they are opening requires a minimum version of the plugin installed. Since enterprises and educational centers are run by sysadmins they cannot upgrade willy nilly.

The users send the screenshot that an upgrade is required to the sysadmin and he installs the plugin upgrade.

… and then the plugin gets unpublished due to licensing issues or some other reason and the document can no longer get opened?

What? No the user is shown a message that says, “This project requires Plugin XYZ version 8.0.1. It may not work until you upgrade Plugin XYZ to the latest version.”

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Ah, ok. Thank you for the clarification. The “requires that…”, to me, sounded like a “blocking” system.