Show version of XD project when opening a project and show version when saving

Show the version needed when opening or saving a project.

Use Case
Beth is working on a project with Lindsey remotely and they share a project between them.

The project is progressing but Beth when she opened the project she received a notification that says, “You need an updated version XD to view this project”. She has seen this before. Unfortunately, Beth has to upgrade when the rest of their team upgrades. Everyone has to stay on the same version so the project will open for everyone on the team.

But this time she sees the version, “This project was created in XD 18.1”.

“That’s a point update” she says to herself. She gets the go head to update XD and she can open the project.

Use Case
Lindsey is working on a project with her client Beth. She opens the project from Beth and makes changes and goes to save. When she hits the save button it warns her that she is saving to a newer version of XD than the project was created with. Lindsey clicks OK and saves the project. She then sends it to Beth.


This sounds like an XD product feature request instead of an API feature request?

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:thinking: …right.

I’ll see if I can post it there.

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Bump on this since I think it’s slightly related.

I’m working with someone who has a newer XD version than the developer XD version. I’m not able to open their XD projects because their version has a higher version number than I do.

I understand that formats can change from version to version but I think other Adobe products have an option to save to earlier version (I know Microsoft has that option in some of their products).

So what creative ways are people solving this? Is there a chance of adding support to save to earlier version (that syncs up with developer XD version)?

So if business has XD 28 release and developer XD is at 27 then XD 28 release can save to 28 AND 27? Does that make sense?

@peterflynn is this something you’d have any info on? I do believe it’s more of a product request than an API request, but it has implications for plugin developers as described above by @Velara.