Replace string with date or number on save

I’d like to be able show the current version or date saved of the XD project in an artboard or somewhere visible every time I save the project.

When I save the document right before hand update a version or date string.

Let’s say I’m working on a XD project every day that others are using. I want to make sure that they are using the same version.

It might be possible to do this with a plugin that would find a text field and replace it’s value but that would mean being able to detect a before-save event, modify the text field and then allow the save to continue.

Or have a Save API where a plugin would update a version number and then save the document.

Or a plugin that updates the version number (this is possible now) and then the user manually saves. That’s more error prone because the user could forget to update the version string.

In summary:

  • Feature request for before-save event for UXP
  • Feature request for a save event for UXP
  • Feature request for API to call save() on a document
  • XD feature to automatically update a specified text field with version or date on save

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