Save XD project to earlier builds

Be able to save an XD project to an earlier version (loss of information is OK).

Use Case
Enuma is a plugin developer whose job it is to create examples for all the use cases of her plugin. Unwittingly she has been creating her examples with the prerelease.

When she uploads them to her website for her users she gets an email from a user saying that her examples won’t open in an earlier version of XD.

She gets up slowly from her desk and walks to the window gazing out of it off into the distance. She places her hands together behind her back. A eagle screeches in the distance as it flies through the sky. The mountains reflect in the valley lake below. A deer walks through her yard then gallops into the forest beyond.

She balls her hand into a fist and brings it close to her heart and closes her eyes and exhales slowly… “When… when did life become so difficult?”, she says to herself.

She goes back to her desk and goes through her examples again.

Hi @Velara,

Sounds like your story! Unfortunately, this probably won’t be supported. We generally encourage users to keep updating their apps and loss of information is not OK for us. As a workaround, try opening both versions of XD and copying the content from the prerelease version and pasting it into the earlier version of XD.

When I say “Loss of information is OK” I mean, let the user that saving to an earlier version will result in loss of information. Then they can choose to save or not save.