Tables - any update on when they will be available?

Just curious about when tables will be available?

I’m creating a new UXP plugin that really need to use tables. I need to create a data input section that will be in rows and columns format like a spreadsheet. It would be so much easier and nicer to do this with a table.

I have checked on the latest beta release using API version 2 but tables still don’t display. So I’m just wondering if there is an update on this and when it may be available.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Looking at the Kitchen Sink, experimental Tables were made available since UXP 5.2 but you have to ammend the manifest

Add the following to your manifest:

"featureFlags": {
  "experimentalTableV1Support": true

Where are you finding a newer Kitchen Sink plugin? The only one I can find is 11 months old. This is the link I am going to in Github and it still shows the version from October of 2020. This is also the same link for the Adobe docs.

The Kitchen sink which was updated 2 months ago is a branch called uxp-5.2 which is off the main trunk on GitHub


LOL, I didn’t even know about “branches” in Github. I don’t use github for my own projects. I never noticed the dropdown before.

I got tables to display now but I think it is a work in progress still so it wil be interesting to see if I can get it to work for what I need.