There are no edit records found

I’m getting the error:

There are no edit records found

…when setting plugin data. Is there any more info about it?

how can we replicate the error?

I would put the steps to reproduce but I can’t reproduce it. It appeared in my error logs when attempting to set the plugin data. :frowning:

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If you do manage to repro, please let us know.

@schenglooi, do you have any thoughts here?

I am assuming you are trying to set of a scenegraph node? Did you try to do this directly on the node? This error indicates that it couldn’t find record that this action is initiated from any supported UI event.

So it’s another version of "can’t change scenegraph outside of an editDocument()"?

Yes. I’ve opened a dialog from the panel. In my panel I changed it to,

await myDialog.showModal(). 

And I wrapped the call in editDocument(). It hasn’t happened since. :crossed_fingers: