Using native widgets for dialogs in (c++) filter plugins

Hi everyone,

I am currently getting familiar with the c++ plugin SDK and want to provide a settings dialog that has the same look as photoshop. The samples inside the SDK are very dated and use GUI elements unreleated to the Photoshop UI for their dialogs. However, Photoshop’s own filter plugins (like Liquify or Camera Raw) seem to use the exact same style as Photoshop does. Is there a (maybe even documented) way to achieve the same for my own plugins?


Not easily. The target audience of the C++ SDK was for developers that wanted their own look and feel for the UI and to NOT copy the Photoshop UI.

The only option I can think of would be to make a UXP UI modal dialog as the front end to your plugin. What type of plugin are you? Filter? The Neural Filter Gallery is a UXP dialog.