Video files have no way to exit

I currently have a prototype made in Adobe XD and used the Anima plug-in to embed some video files from my computer. However, when I open the video files using the preview, the videos play just fine; however, there is no way to exit out of the video and return back to the prototype. Does anyone know how to exit the videos or how to change this so they are exitable?

Hi Molly! Sorry for the trouble here. I did a video test with the Anima plugin I don’t think I have enough details to reproduce this issue.

Just to be crystal clear on the details, when you say you “open the video files using preview”, are you first embedding a video into a smart layer in XD, then hitting “preview in browser” via the Anima plugin? Are you then playing the video anchored to its respective layer in the preview, or using picture in picture mode? Did you design an interaction to between any layers associated with the video? Any additional details are helpful, thank you!

Hi Tatemasi,

Just to give some general information, yes the video is embedded that way into the Adobe XD prototype, then we previewed it through the anima plugin. There is a back button designed on XD, but the video overlays the design so we cannot use the made back button and the video file has no way to exit it. When we preview the prototype through Anima, and play the video, it pops up, plays perfectly, but there is no way to get out of the video to return to the previous screen in the prototype.