Watching Changes From A Network Drive

I open my plugins from a NAS drive and when I am watching for changes, the panel appears to be reloading itself every 5 - 8 seconds.

This is the same on Windows or MAC. Anyone else notice this and are there any known issues.

Is the connection stable otherwise—that is, you can copy a large file from the NAS (more than 5-8s) and it doesn’t get interrupted?

Yes the connection is stable, its connected using CAT 7 cable and I get a constant speed when copying.

The NAS is a Synology if that helps.
After looking more closely at what its doing, I dont think its actually reloading the plugin, its more of a refresh if that makes sense.

@Sujai ^^^ Any reasons why the UDT might be having trouble watching content on a network mount?

@IanBarber I don’t have a NAS setup to exactly try this one out. However currently UDT watch will track for any changes in html,css,typescript and js files. The plugin will be reloaded, if a changed event is raised for any of these files in the plugin folder. Is there a possibility, that the plugin files on NAS are getting modified or updated?

@Sujai Its unlikely that anything is getting changed.
What i will do is create a new panel template from UDT and not add anything and then see if it is still the same.

You mentioned you dont have a NAS setup, I seem to recall the same was happening if the panel was on cloud storage, maybe you could test it on cloud storage like Adobe or Dropbox

@IanBarber we tried using Sharepoint drive and external SMB drive and both seem to be working.
Also UDT 1.4.0 is available now for install. Can you check if you still see the problem with the latest UDT 1.4.0 release?

I am using the latest UDT.

Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 15.29.58

Here is a short video demonstrating what I am talking about