Welcoming our MLH Open Source Fellows!

The Creative Cloud Developer Platform & Ecosystem team recently announced our partnership with the MLH Fellowship program. This program helps early-career developers learn to contribute to open source by working on Adobe’s open source projects.

Our first cohort includes:

@princiya fellowship mentor
@ayan fellow
@aviral fellow

The fellows are currently focused on contributing to our UXP plugin sample code repos. (As always, anyone is welcome to contribute to the repos. Tickets/issues for Photoshop samples are here, and tickets for XD samples are here.)

As an early taste of the great work they’re doing, check out this pull request for an all-new sample demonstrating UXP’s secureStorage API:

I hope you’ll join me in welcoming the fellows to our community :star:

@princiya @ayan @aviral please introduce yourselves!


Hi everyone, I am Ayan a fellow in the current batch of MLH Fellowship. I am really stoked to be a part of this wonderful Adobe community and hope to contribute and learn a lot during my time here. You can find me on github as luninor.


Hi, everyone.
I am Aviral, an MLH fellow under the Open Source track for this Spring. Working with the Adobe community has been great so far, looking forward to taking this experience further in the upcoming weeks.
You can find me on Github here: @aviral243.


Welcome :slightly_smiling_face: . Looking forward to those new samples :wink:

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Hi everyone, I am Pragati Verma, a fellow in the current batch of the open-source track of the MLH Fellowship. I am glad to become a part of the Adobe community via the fellowship and am eager to make some good contributions this season. Find me on GitHub as PragatiVerma18


Hello everyone,

Princiya here, and I am the technical mentor for Adobe from MLH Fellowship :wave:
Github: princiya
Twitter: princi_ya