What are you guys using for plugin analytics?

Hi all,

Have any of you added analytics to your plugin? If so what service are you using?

On my Sketch plugin, I use Mixpanel to track views and events. I was thinking about doing the same for my XD plugins.



I wanted to use analytics at first but refrained because of issues with the GDPR, privacy policies etc. (since – of course – HTTP requests send “personal data” :slightly_frowning_face:)

If that hadn’t been an issue (may I ask how you deal with this with your Sketch plugin – I, unfortunately, have no experience with such things when it comes to other things than websites :wink: ?), I would have used a small, custom site developed with PHP saving (anonymous) data to a database and allowing me to download the data as CSV (or similar) and then use it (alternatively, I could have written a small wrapper with some charts library to get make this more automated).

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I’m currently working on a small analytics tool that allows privacy-oriented analytics (in fact, no user information except what’s required for an HTTP request will get sent).


I’m still working on it, but it should be a part of the next update on my Adobe XD plugins.

The advantage with doing it this way is that I don’t have to bother with privacy policies etc. too much (especially the GDPR-side of it) since I actually don’t store personal data (I’ll only have a small dialog the first time someone uses the plugin where they accept the privacy policy from my website – I’ll also be very transparent on what data gets submitted – since this includes the stuff relevant because of the HTTP request and the fact that I’m using a third-party service to host it).

If anyone is interested in using this, I’m currently planning to make it open-source. It also has very small requirements (a very small helper inside your plugin and a PHP server with SQLite3-support are the only things needed to use it).


@pklaschka ok post on github i will try it

@PramUkesh I’m still working on a few rough edges and will presumably be able to publish it in a week or so (no guarantees, though) :wink: .

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@pklaschka any updates


Not yet, sorry. I always follow the mentality to use this kind of stuff in my own plugins before making it available to other developers (to first ensure quality and also “stand” as the original developer – if someone uses my own stuff before me, it’ll be difficult for me to claim any credit if I have to :wink:).

The update which includes this is planned for mid-december and I’ll try to release the open-source version of the analytics stuff then, but for now, it isn’t available (yet).

However, I’ll write it here when I make this available.