Can somebody work on download analytic hosting

I was curious to work on a temp workaround to
how many people downloading plugins ?
how the plugin work flow is ?
report plugin crashes to site ?

to be a firebase as backend as well as the firebase hosting

lib to be implemented by plugin developers
downloads are publicly visible.
and crash reports and others related stuff to be private as their account related

Since I has less time to work on this if any person can help me we can implement this soon

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I can do it, but not download, I can only do how many users opened or run your plugin. If everyone is ok with it I have an idea of how to pull this off.


How download is different from running or opening.

Are you have some progress in this ?
if yes please post your work to some public link like github repo…
and give me the link

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Here’s my two cents:

  • How do we define download in case of an Adobe XD Plugin, since it can be installed, disabled, enabled and uninstalled multiple times
  • On the other hand, I believe the number of users can be tracked by IP Address