Total Plugins Installments - How many users are using it?

I think you may already thing about this, but if not, is important to us to know how many users are using the plugin. Specially if they work offline. That way we can avoid using GA or other ways to track the user.

Also that way we know in what plugins to bet. :slight_smile:

I would also love to see this feature.

@afuchs do we have any plans for this?

We’re thinking about how to expose this. Just nothing concrete yet (that I’m aware).

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Visual Studio Code helps helps me a lot, it help me decide on he most used ones. Like other app store the updated date is important and we already have that.



Yeah! This is something we’re actively exploring for 2019. I’ve added it to the roadmap here


Oh yeah, especially with the amount of extensions available in VS Code the download count helps to decide between similar ones!


Console will soon roll out a feature that gives you this data!


Can you give us a hint as to how soon, without committing yourselves to anything?

I don’t know the exact date either but I have it labeled as “early 2020”