Trial(demo)version of a plugin

We would like to create 30 days demo version of our uxp plugin.
We also don’t need to give people possibility to get demo version again and again in one computer
To prevent that we would need to get some unique hash of single computer using uxp JavaScript api.
Something based on mac address, or some hash of adobe license(of course no adobe license number :wink: )
Is it possible to get this kind of data now.
I know its possible to get cpu and gpu parameters now, but this is not enough to identify user.

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During yesterdays meetup we were told trial feature is coming sometime around the end of January. @Ingo might tell more

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@Karmalakas I missed yesterdays meetup, what was discussed about the trial option. Do you know if the metup was recordered.

AFAIK these on-hands dev meetups aren’t recorded. Only pre-release are (I think :laughing:)

Typical, the one time I am interested in what went off and I missed it :frowning:

Did they say whether it was for everything or just aimed at MarketPlace?

I’m not sure I understood it correctly, but I think XD on Exchange already had this and now it’s coming for UXP in Marketplace. IMO statements were a bit vague IIRC. And as you can see feature is still not here (or at least I didn’t notice)