What does universal event mean?

What does universal property (docs) define when adding event to notificationListener?

Also docs now say notification listener accepts NotificationEvent[] as events, but then TypeScript complains, because for me only string[] works :confused: Can we get a versioned documentation?

I see @kerrishotts edited that docs page, so I’ll ping her

My name’s on this only because I was part of the original publish process. No idea what universal means in this context. Maybe @heewoo knows.

But also: this is API version 1. Version 2 docs don’t even have this concept, so the docs are versioned, but V2 does not have this particular concept.

It was removed. And it allowed you to listen to all events. Even if plugin that is not yours was running its routine. I used it to pass data from ExScript into UXP. I was able pass whole descriptors but it was removed.

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I see. Is there any way to know exactly I’m in v1 docs? Or is it just the URL part /2022/? If so, is there any way to get to v2 docs via navigation instead of typing URL manually? Because now there’s no dropdown anywhere while on v1 docs :confused: