What is "pifInvalidatedAttributes"?

When using the Alchemist plugin to identify things for batchplay, one of the larger events has an "_obj":"pifInvalidatedAttributes" property for the action descriptor. I did a google search for this, and it returned zero results, but it comes up for many of the commands I record. What is this? Where do I look, so that I may understand this, and things like this, better? Is there any documentation on this?

It’s not an error I’ve encountered - are you using the version of Alchemist from the Adobe Marketplace or the version from @Jarda 's GitHub?

It’s not an error. It’s just a descriptor Alchemist shows. I’ve seen it too, but no idea what it does

Maybe @jarda can elucidate?

I would disregard/treat it as listening junk, unless Adobe tells us otherwise.

from its name it sounds like a command to refresh/redraw/paint an object/region of the canvas.

imo it should be ignored as advised.

Thanks for this information! It was showing up in lots of the actions I was recording.

@Timothy_Bennett I am using the version from @Jarda 's github.

This event is meant for Adobe itself. It is probably used by Discover Panel. I don’t think you can re-play it… it should be event notification only. Not sure if 3rd party could find a good use case for it. But I will think about it :smiley: