What type is a shape created via union, subtraction, intersection or exclusion?

A shape created via union, subtraction, intersection or exclusion (which in code is recognized as Rectangle), when I want to make edits to it, I get the error:

Plugin Error: Plugin made a change outside the current edit context.

If I manually convert it by doing Object -> Path -> Convert to Path then it works perfectly fine. I assume initially is some kind of a group, but I can’t get that info anywhere.

Is there a way to detect these shapes somehow in code and how can I make edits to them?

These are BooleanGroup elements. Currently, they are considered read-only.

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@kerrishotts you saved me from a lot of trouble, thank you very much. It made me realize that in the recursive function logging constructor.name I was failing to notice that the parent is BooleanGroup and was thinking that the object is logged as Rectangle, when actually that are the children.

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