Workaround for Boolean groups?


I would like to create a Boolean group but in the documentation I see we cannot create one but could duplicate an existing one. So I duplicate a Boolean group made up of paths and try adding and removing the children of the group but I’m not allowed to do so. Even if I select the children? The best case scenario would be to create a Boolean group of any type after selecting two nodes? Is the support for this coming any soon and is there some workaround? Currently I have two scripts I need to run with an intermediate manual step of creating the Boolean group. Would be good if I just need one script. Thanks in advance

@schenglooi / @afuchs can speak to whether this is coming or not.

As to working around the limitation currently, there is no way around it. XD’s API special-cases these groups, and there’s no way to get around it.

What’s your particular use case here – as in, what are you building that this would unblock?

Hi Kerri thanks for the response. I am trying to create inner shadows for a shape A, created using booleans and paths. I have tried using the border fill with object blur and then masking with the shape A. It is not the desired effect I want as the shadows don’t have a offset which falls off as in the case of the normal shadows. I want to have the dark band which then falls off. To get the desired effect I want, I create a rectangle 1.5 times bigger than the local bounds of the Boolean shape then subtract it from the rectangle to get Boolean Shape B. Then I mask the resulting Boolean with the shape A. Now I can just use the normal shadow option to get the inner shadow effect. It is the step of creating the Boolean shape B I’m trying to achieve. :blush::blush: