Where to discuss InDesign specific UXP issues/bugs

During MAX, InDesign v.18 (and InDesign Server) were released, complete with UXP powered scripting and script samples. My team helped create and launch a new documentation site covering both UXP scripting using InDesign, as well as InDesign’s Object Model, otherwise known as the OMV file.

Noticeably, we did not add a new forum category on this site, which is dedicated to UXP discussions.

There are two reasons behind this:

  1. The community.adobe.com InDesign forums are quite active with scripting and SDK conversations, so we decided to add a “UXP Scripting” topic there.
  2. Second, we’re planning to migrate the forums here at forums.creativeclouddeveloper.com into community.adobe.com early next year. There are a variety of internal-to-Adobe reasons for this. All of the existing posts will be migrated. Where everything will go is still in the planning process. I’ll present my migration plan on this forum for comments from the community within the next month or so.

The question then remains:

where is one supposed to log potential bugs with InDesign api for UXP? The 1st thing I looked at was uservoice, but I could not find any category for UXP.

Several Creative Cloud products, starting with Photoshop, have been migrating off of UserVoice over the last two years. These products then enable “Bugs” and “Ideas” categories in the community.adobe.com forums:

InDesign has not migrated off of UserVoice, and at the time of this writing does not have a timeline for doing moving.

If you’re confident the bug you’re reporting is specific to InDesign, post about it using the UXP Scripting tag in the InDesign forum. If the bug also occurs using Photoshop UXP APIs or using Adobe XD, you can still post about it here in https://forums.creativeclouddeveloper.com/ (for the time being).

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Will the links still work? I mean, lots of posts here have links to other posts. Will these continue to work correctly? :crossed_fingers:

Also, will bookmarks remain? If I have lots of posts bookmarked, how would I find those after migration?

That would be my first question as well…

When the “old” forums.adobe.com site migrated to community.adobe.com certainly none of the links worked. My “hack” for this is to throw links into the Wayback Machine, copy the subject text, and search for the content in the new forum. (Not very elegant, but it works.)

I’ll see what I can do, but can’t make guarantees.

I’ll look into this… seems like Discourse said no back in 2020, but maybe as an admin there’s a way to export them…

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I think it’s a real shame that we’re to lose this forum :cry:
I also second @Karmalakas’s concerns, this forum is in many ways an appendix of the official docs for me and to lose links and bookmarks would be pretty onerous.

…this forum is in many ways an appendix of the official docs for me and to lose links and bookmarks would be pretty onerous.

I hear you!

When the developer-related forums got archived in the migration I mentioned above, I worked with the forums team to get them un-archived. It took a whole year, but I did get them back… in that case, though, I only heard about the migration the week before it happened.

In this case, I’m responsible for driving this particular migration and have the best interests of developers in mind. I’ll do my best!

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One more thing…

I always saw Adobe Community as not really mobile friendly. Just now wanted to check if it got any better. Sadly not at all. Can’t even share a link, because as soon as I visit the topic, Chrome crashes.

Pixel 6a

TBH, it’s not even very desktop friendly. I remember I had to use it several times and never stayed there to help others. Sorry to say, but UX there is pretty bad

So I agree, but basically, Adobe is cutting back on non-standard software. My choices for migrating off of Discourse (this forum), which is not approved, are either Khoros (the Community forums) or Influitive, which is what the Adobe Community Professionals program (now called Community Experts) has moved to: https://adobecommunityexperts.influitive.com/

If you think Influitive is preferable, definitely speak up now!

For security reasons, if we were able to keep using Discourse, we’d have to move to the Enterprise plan, which would cost 5 times more for hosting per month than it costs now. (We’re on the extremely reasonably priced business hosting tier now.) We could, of course, install Discourse on Adobe servers, but I think that would incur other business costs to maintain. (Whereas we already have dedicated engineers working with with the Khoros teams.)

I’ll share this as a bug…

First time hearing of it (actually same for the Khoros name). I don’t see any sign-up link there, but there’s:

Have a join code? Click here

Any chance I could get a code to check it out? Or is it just for Adobe employees?

I’m not wild about the community forums either!

The big draws of this forum for me are:
• ease of mobile use
• laser focussed content - we’re not bothered by non-developer posts i.e. graphics card problems, general application usage questions etc
• quick and easy to find relevant content
• bookmarking
• rich editing controls - it’s very easy to supply readable, formatted code blocks, an essential for a forum of this topic imo.


This is a great list, thanks @Timothy_Bennett ! Ease of code editing is definitely one reason we chose Discourse back in 2018.

Yes, the community forums show colors on code only at editing time, everything is lost when posting, AFAIK.

Yes, the community forums show colors on code only at editing time, everything is lost when posting, AFAIK.

I confirmed with the forums PM that that is a Khoros bug, and I’m pushing to get that fixed or improved as a requirement for our migration.

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Super. Thank you, Erin! :+1:

Please let me know if I’m not doing things right, I want to help the devs, but wanted to make sure I do not interfere in your work. :slight_smile:

Oh no … I really like this forum here (Discourse forum software) :frowning:

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What I really don’t like is the confusing and very extensive listing of threads.
Here is a comparison. This forum here shows about twice as many threads in the same space.

I understand if Adobe doesn’t want to change the current layout because users are already used to it. But maybe a setting to change it? Or is there already one?

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This has been preying on my mind over the last week and I’ve categorically come to the conclusion that my engagement with this forum is directly proportional to its UX.
I feel pretty confident that I’d be less inclined to engage if the replacement was less mobile friendly. I generally find myself responding on my phone and not my desk/laptop and I’m not convinced that the community forums offer the same experience. I completely understand the business decisions that underpin the migration, but if I’m completely honest I’m already grieving :cry:


Thanks for the side-by-side feedback! It’s helpful. I take it more threads means you can scan it more quickly?

Apparently there is a way to do cool different views of the community based on interest, or, at least, that’s something the community team is actively investigating.

Yea. The first thing I check is the thread title. The detailed content is not so important on a first overview (Of course, the title should make sense and should not be “Need help” etc.). I also find the number of replies quite important. So we can see if someone already got an answer. And this number is very very small.

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