About the InDesign Category

InDesign v18.5, currently available in prerelease, has UXP plugin support! Read the documentation and check out the developer prerelease. (If your application for the prerelease has been pending for a long time, email wwds@adobe.com for access.)

This forum category is meant to supplement InDesign developer discussions in the broader community. Because UXP was implemented in Photoshop and Adobe XD before InDesign, the world’s UXP experts are engaged in this particular forum.

If you have questions, bugs, feature requests, or ideas about InDesign’s newest APIs, this is the right place for discussion.

It’s OK to talk about ExtendScript, .JSX scripts, C++ SDKs, and InDesign Server here, but the bigger audience for those discussions can be found in the community forums, as well as in InDesign’s prerelease forums. Here is a complete list of official InDesign forums: