Books, cources, manuals,

Hi everyone,

I would like/need to start using UXP in Indesign and I’m looking for books, cources, manuals, … For many years I wrote Extendscripts and the Adobe Getting started PDF-files were very usefull. I need to be up and running fast and need to know how to get started…

  • What to install?
  • How to start a new script, panel, plugin, …?
  • How to write, test, debug, deploy, sign, distribute a solution?
  • How to create an input window, progress bar, … ?
  • How to read/create/write files/folders?
  • Where is a complete overview of the Indesign UXP DOM model?
  • Are there example projects on github?

Thank you for sharing any info.


For the documentation start from here:

You’ll need the app “UXP Developer Tools” that is available in the Creative Cloud All Apps.

Searching this forum is very useful when things don’t work as you expect – uxp can be a little quirky.


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