Why creating a Text Element places outside of artboard

When creating a Text element through API

it always puts text outside of Artboard
why this is applied in API

even with x,y axis provided to move the created element it always has different output position
Why this is intentional

Hi @PramUkesh,

That’s because the default X,Y coordinates of the inserted text is (0,0) which is the top left corner of the current artboard. Could you explain what you mean by “it always has different output position”? Some examples would be helpful. Thank you!

this is the problem it is not placing at (0,0) see the y position it is placed at y position -26
even we use move api it is not moving to position we provided
txt.moveInParentCoordinates(100, 100);
places text in different position.


I was using windows 10 pro april update version

Try using placeInParentCoordinatesmove* will just move by a delta, but you’re not placing at an explicit location.

I believe the text node itself is being positioned based on the baseline, not the top, so you’ll need to account for that.

@kerrishotts ok move api is different and leave that why creating text element behaves like in first screenshot