Why isn't a third party library working?

I’m trying to use this library: react-mentions - npm. Creating a basic input with an onChange does not work. Every time text is entered it gets wiped and the input cannot be filled out.

UXP is not a webbrowser. Many modules simply won’t work due to missing features.

Based on how this library works, there’s not much that’s going to work on UXP. In general, text fields have infinite z-order (not by design, but limitation at the moment), meaning that the library’s attempts to render spans for mentions above the text area won’t work. Text areas also select the text on focus, so anything happening w/ focus changing would be an issue. Also, the popup for mentions would need to be below the text area visually (otherwise it has the same problem as highlighting mentions does – it won’t show up)

A mention experience is possible, but not this way.